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3D Printed Replacement Car Part

IMG 20190424 110024 scaled pjb23m1b1nf8llull2z17wsqv7xkazszjzagykedmw - 3D Printed Replacement Car Part

At our 3D printing service we get quite a few quirky and wonderful printing requests.

This week we completed a custom 3D print for a customer who was a vintage Alfa Romeo vehicle owner. Unfortunately due to the dishonesty of someone, this part was stolen from their car. The owner spent countless hours trying to source a replacement, however none were available in a reasonable price in the correct orientation. As the owner only had the other (left-hand) part, this project required a model to be made from the original using SolidWorks and then mirrored to create the missing part. 

3D printed in ABS at 100 microns, we hope this part lasts a lot longer than the original!

As with all our custom 3D printing projects at SGD, the customer was given full copies of the files so they can be manufactured at our 3D printing service in a short turnaround in case the miscreant decides to return! 

SAM PHOTO - 3D Printed Replacement Car Part

Sam Gribben

Managing Director at SGD 3D Limited

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SGD e1529400773665 - 3D Printed Replacement Car Part


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