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3D Printing For Emergency Supplies

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3D printing usually has some weird and wonderful functions and applications, the one key factor that consumers and businesses seem to love with the process is instant access to parts & components. 

A great personal example of 3D printing’s benefits was recently for me at home with an annual gas boiler inspection. Unfortunately somewhere along the line one of the boilers covers had become damaged / lost and as part of the certification the boiler would need to be sealed and pressurised. Without this component my apartment would be without heating and hot water for days whilst the replacement part was ordered and another engineer would come out and fit it.

However, thanks to 10 minutes using SolidWorks CAD software and 30 minutes print time using some left over material, I was able to print a replacement component before the appointment finished. The component was fit perfectly and the boiler passed its annual inspection with flying colours! 

SAM PHOTO - 3D Printing For Emergency Supplies

Sam Gribben

Managing Director at SGD 3D Limited

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