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This afternoon I received this email from 3D Hubs announcing that 3D Hubs will no longer be allowing outside manufacturing out of their ‘fulfilled by 3D Hubs’ system.

Screenshot 20180912 121357 - Fulfilled by 3D Hubs Closing To Outside Hubs

Luckily we managed to get out of the system early and build a good steady revenue, without paying the 15% commision that 3D Hubs demanded. I feel sorry for hobbyists who relied on trying to get their ranking up so they could reach the fulfilment status, to have less than 28 days notice is a disgusting way for the company to treat its members.

I can see 3D Hubs definitely putting their prices up in the future now! If you want affordable, accurate 3D printing then we offer our own services for a fraction of the cost:


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SGD e1529400773665 - Fulfilled by 3D Hubs Closing To Outside Hubs


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