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All of our parts are produced to the highest standards, resolution can be adjusted when uploading your parts to our system.

All parts are manufactured by depositing material in layers, with this comes artefacts that are explained in our handy expert guide here

For all parts produced, we strongly recommend post-processing (extra service charge) to achieve the best results. 


Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing works by depositing layers of material in a chosen direction. As a general rule of thumb – the smaller the layer height, the greater the part resolution. To see which layer height suits your application, see our handy table below:


Standard Layer Height - Quality

Our standard resolution (200μm) is a great balance between quality and cost. Perfect for engineering designs or parts where surface quality isn’t critical. 


High Quality Layer Height - Quality

Perfect for detailed, functional plastic parts, our high quality (100μm) resolution provides excellent surface quality and strength for a slightly increased cost.


Ultra HQ Layer Height - Quality

Closest achievable surface finish to injection moulded parts, our ultra high quality (50μm) resolution provides a superior finish and incredible detail.


We manufacture your parts according to our strict manufacturing standards. If required, we can provide an inspection report for parts as an additional service if requested.

  • Dimensional accuracy of ± 0.5% with a lower limit of ± 0.5 mm
  • Minimum wall thickness of 1.2 mm for all infill parts
  • Consistent surface finish – no delamination or scars
SGD e1529400773665 - Quality


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