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SLS & SLA Heroforge 3D Printing Miniatures

How to 3D Print Heroforge Miniatures with Our 3D Printing Service

Heroforge characters are typically exported out at 30mm height and 1” base diameter when downloaded from the app. This is sometimes okay for some 3D printing technologies; however, some small details and complex geometry may not translate well on a small scale.

We recommend scaling the model to a larger size to improve the level of surface detail. As different 3D printing technologies have various constraints & minimum design requirements. Check out our design guide for more information.

Printing 3D File 360x240 - How to Print 3D File - Step by Step Guide

How to Print 3D File – Step by Step Guide

When exporting your 3D files, you can change the resolution by altering the tolerance in your CAD software. If you’re unsure, select the ‘high’ preset, as this is the safest option for generating a suitable file for 3D printing. Each CAD software package had a different way of specifying the 3D file resolution. However, most use two main parameters: chord height and angle.

The chord height is important when defining the export settings for your 3D file. This parameter is the maximum distance that your software will allow between the surface of the original 3D model and the surface of the exported file.

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